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Igno Vivier

Igno Vivier

Igno has been in the property industry since 2005. He has excellent knowledge and understanding of the industry as a whole. He has been a top achiever in his office since he joined Harcourts in 2014.


The experience he gained in various areas of the country, and the network of people he has connected with over the years makes him effective and efficient in finding solutions and serving his clients with excellence.  He enjoys following local, national and international news on markets and trends and he regularly does training and are well informed about the industry. You can trust that you are dealing with a true property professional.


"I have a great passion for people, music, technology, and business in general.”


What Igno loves the most about being in Real Estate is working with people daily. His ability to see exactly what  the need is and fining a way to fulfill that is what makes him different form all the rest. His business is one of adding value and strives to leave a client enriched with an experience shaped by honesty and dedication.
He strives to help people build their future through giving realistic,truthful and relevant guidance and advice, regardless of his gain.

"Just as your home is more than just brick and mortar, selling or buying is more than just paper work, it's personal."

When you go through this rolar coaster experience with Igno you can be assured of his professionalism and service to get you through enriched on the other side.

To find out a little more about Igno, click here.

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