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Jana Smith

Jana Smith

Jana has been in the property industry leading teams in selling residential, commercial and agricultural property and doing rentals for over 30 years.  Since 1987 she has worked towards building the standard of real estate as an industry and raised the bar for service excellence.


She builds people. Numerous individuals has been under her mentors-hand always becoming better versions of themselves.

She believes in team work. Her open door policy, patience and dedication to build trust and confidence in the workplace makes working with her as a principal not only a job, but a common goal. Here she allows her co-workers to be more like family than employees.


She gives with open arms. Being involved in many orginisations, groups and causes over the years makes the footprint of the good people has recevied through her one of hope and life.  She has always supported child welfare and community upliftment.

"It is our duty to look out for the less fortunate, because we can." 


She lives by the Harcourts values - putting people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and fun and laughter. Her background with the Harcourts group comes as far back as when Homenet Real Estate painted many towns red in South Africa. Her business and industy excellence has evolved with the brand over the past few decades to bring her today to be part of this internationally recognised Real Estate Company.


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